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Purpose of TFE
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary exists to shape leaders who expand God's kingdom around the world. The purpose of Theological Field Education is to provide a structure and a process for shaping Christian leaders through a leadership ministry practicum that is based upon "360-degree feedback". Our desire is that every student will have the core competencies needed for ministry and that those already competent in ministry will further develop his/her skills. We help students enhance their personal and professional growth within a framework of "safe" ministry settings. Students design a customized learning plan that leads to a higher level of competency, whatever the ministry they feel called to do.

Scope of TFE
Every accredited seminary is required to have a field education program, with students doing ministry under the oversight of field supervisors/mentors. One of the primary reasons Golden Gate Seminary is internationally recognized as both a pioneer and pacesetter in Theological Field Education (TFE) is the emphasis we put on: (1) ministry field settings that allow our students to serve in significant ministries that match who they are and what they want/need to learn, and (2) quality ministry field mentors who are trained and experienced in principles of supervision.

Structure of TFE
TFE at GGBTS is structured for students to create a relevant ministry proposal and personalized covenant of learning for their leadership ministry practicum. In essence, they create their own graduate-level course for integrating leadership character qualities and ministry skills in a service context of their choice. This customizing approach includes their finding a match in a ministry field setting that offers the kind of professional skills they'd like to learn; a ministry field mentor who can help them learn those skills, and a spiritual formation mentor who can help them develop spiritually. We encourage students to ask themselves, "How can the Lord work in me and through me, using what I have been learning?" as they design and write their initial ministry proposal.

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