Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be appropriate to bring a friend, fiancé, spouse, or parent with me?

Of course! If you will be staying in the same guest room, the individual must be your spouse or a person of the same gender. We consider both you and your fiancé prospective students so we would arrange separate guest housing for you both. Your parent is also welcome to visit with you. We would be happy to arrange separate guest housing for parents visiting with you.

Can I arrange a campus visit for someone other than myself?

Our preference is to always deal directly with the prospective student. It is important that we learn about the prospective student directly from him/herself. However, we realize that there are circumstances when this may not be possible (i.e., they are out of the country).

I’m not a prospective student but would like to visit the Bay Area. Am I considered a "campus visitor"?

When we use the phrase “campus visitor” we are referring to individuals considering theological education on our Northern California Campus as students. To be eligible for our offer of up to two evenings complimentary in our guest housing, individuals need to arrange a visit to our campus. This visit will include a series of appointments set up through our Admissions Office during our normal working hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) If you do not qualify as a prospective student feel free to contact our guest housing office for further options.

Can I drop by without arranging an official "campus visit"?

Of course! Feel free to drop by the Admissions & Recruitment Office (Administration Building, Room 106) at your convenience. Please note that when individuals drop in or give us less than two weeks notice, we may not have time to prepare for their visit the way we would like to. Thus, we will be unable to guarantee all the services and appointments listed in conjunction with this webpage.

What do I need to pack?

Bay Area weather often requires a light jacket and an umbrella, so be sure to check the forecast before traveling and remember this is Northern California...shorts are not always the best attire! Layering is KEY. There is no “dress code” at Golden Gate Seminary. Dress modestly but please feel free to dress comfortably! If you’re staying on campus, sheets, blankets and towels will be provided in your guest room.