Ministry Reflection Group Resources

Theological Field Education (TFE) at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary depends upon volunteer ministry reflection groups (MRG) that provides feedback on ministry skills and performance as well as issues of character and personhood to our students. The MRG is a team created in a ministry setting by the student to work with him/her during the ministry practicum. The persons receiving or observing the ministry are significant persons from whom the minister can get feedback. We are gratefully indebted to these men and women, who meet with a student at least three times during each semester of TFE.

Guidelines for choosing members to serve on the MRG:
  • The student will enlist four to five members, schedule all bi-monthly MRG meetings, provide MRG training for the group, and enlist one member to be the MRG Recorder.
  • The MRG Recorder will complete the five bi-monthly reports.
  • The MRG Recorder and will normally be the MRG representative at the 270 Feedback session during the Dec-Jan break and at the Evaluation Conference at the conclusion of the course.
  • Members should represent as many adult age groups within the ministry setting as possible.
  • Members should be ministry recipients (those the student leads or teaches) and/or ministry partners (those the student ministers alongside). It is preferred that ministry partners not be persons on the church staff.
  • The MRG should include at least one man and one woman.
  • The MRG should include at least one person that serves as a leader in the ministry setting.
  • If available, one member should be a supervisor in their vocation.
  • Students should not enlist admirers and/or supporters. Likewise, students should not enlist their greatest critic to win them over. Instead, enlist persons that will give direct, honest feedback.
The MRG members may not include:
  • Members of the student's family (including extended family)
  • GGBTS professors
  • Other GGBTS students
Responsibilities of the MRG:
  • Students will meet with their MRG for one hour during bi-monthly meetings each semester.
  • The MRG session MUST have at least three members present or the meeting must be rescheduled.
  • Less than three MRG members present – NO MEETING.
  • Student bear the responsibility for each action and decision made, even if that action or decision results from discussion with the MRG.
  • Give the MRG permission to give you constructive criticism.
  • Each MRG meeting will provide approximately ten minutes with the student out of the room, which allows the group to discuss the student and ministry in private.
  • The student and the MRG must be sensitive and careful about confidences. The student should not present any material to the MRG that would violate a confidence. The MRG should demonstrate maturity and not discuss the consultation session and agenda outside the MRG meetings. All proceedings (information, discussion, comments, and completed evaluation forms) of the Ministry Reflection Group are to remain confidential.
  • The MRG will be represented during the 270 Feedback session during the Dec-Jan break.
MRG Files and Forms: