Field Mentors Resources

Theological Field Education (TFE) at Gateway Seminary depends upon volunteer field mentors who supervise students during their ministry practicum. We are gratefully indebted to these men and women, who give at least one hour each week to meet with students during their practicum. If you are a current field mentor or desire to become one, the information found on this page will be helpful.

General Qualifications of a Field Mentor:

  • Successful completion of the GS TFE Field Mentor training prior to the TFE course.
  • Service in a full-time ministry position for at least three years.
  • Service in their current ministry for at least one year.
  • Possesses formal theological training and/or several years of significant ministry experience.
  • Practices the ministry skills needed by the student.
  • Commits to teaching new ministry skills.
  • Commits to the student’s professional and personal growth.
  • Commits to being a “safe” person with whom the student can share openly and honestly.
  • Commits to meeting one-on-one with the student for at least one hour per week during the year.
  • Commits to submitting monthly reports required by the syllabus due dates.
  • Commits to participating in the on campus final Evaluation Conference in the spring.

Field Mentors may not be:

  • A relative of the student
  • Another GS student
  • A member of the student’s MRG
  • The same person as the student’s Spiritual Formation Mentor

The Director of TFE or the Regional Campus TFE Coordinator may consider making exceptions as needed.

Field Mentor Files and Forms: