Graduate Exit Survey

Congratulations on your pending graduation from Golden Gate seminary. As part of the graduation application process, graduate candidates are required to provide the seminary with critical exit information and evaluation. The following web-based Graduate Exit Evaluation should take you roughly 18 to 25 minutes to complete. Your Graduation Application will not be complete without the confirmation code received at the end of this survey. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. While MOST survey items are required fields we do include some areas of secondary information. However, we trust you will take time to complete ALL survey areas- especially the open narrative questions.

Although the survey requires your Golden Gate student ID number, this item is only used as a cross-check to verify that the survey has been completed. The ID is not cross-checked to identify any student by name. In this way your Graduate Exit Evaluation survey is conducted anonymously

Thank you for your attention to this important area. You may begin by pressing "NEXT"