Golden Gate Seminary Commissions Students for Summer Mission Trips

“As a seminary community, we want to pray for those who are going out this summer,” explained Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary president Jeff Iorg to an audience of seminary students, faculty and staff on April 29, 2010. “Golden Gate Seminary has a missions commitment, and we take this opportunity to encourage and support our students as ambassadors for God.” 

Dr. Eddie Pate, Jr., Chair of the Seminary’s Intercultural Studies Department and Director of the David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions, spoke directly to more than 20 students who requested prayer for their upcoming efforts of service in missions capacities, as the entire seminary audience listened. 

Dr. Pate referred to Romans 10 as he urged the students, “Everyplace you go, look at these people as Paul looked at them – everyone needs Jesus, and everyone needs salvation.” He reminded the students, ‘Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ He pointed out, “We cannot make anybody call on the name of the Lord, nor can we make someone believe, but we can preach the Gospel.” 

“You are not just going,” he continued, “but you are being sent, as it says in Romans 10:15. You must see yourselves as being sent: sent by your church, by the Seminary, by the Lord.”
Dr. Pate, who has served for over a decade as a Church Planter, Strategy Coordinator, and later a Strategy Associate with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in Northern Africa and the Middle East, spoke to the student missionaries as a fellow ambassador of God. 
Twenty-three students are travelling this summer: locally to San Francisco; and others internationally to Mexico, Jordan, South Africa, Malaysia and two countries in Asia. They will be planting an urban church, teaching art therapy, guiding Vacation Bible Schools, leading youth trips, working with university students, training leaders, or performing ethnographic research. 

“You are sent for a reason – to preach the Gospel, to share eternal life, to be salt and light,” Pate continued. “Whether in villages, under trees, on buses, trains, in cafés, restaurants, churches, you are being sent to preach the Gospel.” 

Pate reminded the students that they are not being sent to survive the experience, to live in another culture, or to accumulate stamps on their passport, “But you are in these countries because you have something to do. You are there to touch that culture with the transforming message of the Lord Jesus Christ.” He concluded by telling the students, “Go out with a heart of compassion, and shine the light of the Lord into the darkness.”