Worship is a Response

Stan Loyd, LifeWay Worship Specialist
Chapel Speaker, March 18, 2010

“True worship flows from the heart in response to what God has done in our lives,” Stan Loyd, Lifeway Worship Specialist, told an audience of students, faculty and staff at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary during a chapel service on March 18, 2010.

“We can’t help but respond to what God has done for us,” he continued, explaining how worship is a natural reaction, a way to acknowledge God’s power and love for us.

“God reveals himself to us through creation and through his Word,” Loyd said. “Worship is our response to who He is and what He has done.” Loyd pointed out that God desires a relationship with us, and the greatest way to respond to God’s love is to give our lives to him. Frequently we express our love and gratitude toward God through music, using instruments and voices.

Loyd led the audience in several worship songs, accompanied by Seminary students. He used new worship technology and several resources from LifeWay, which demonstrated opportunities for seminarians to sample the latest worship experience.

“God is preparing you for a moment of ministry,” Loyd cautioned his listeners. “That’s the reason you’re here. Take it seriously.” He concluded by urging his listeners to “Worship him. Let him speak to you as you worship him. Don’t ever take his presence for granted.”

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