Sailhamer, GGBTS Prof, Publishes on Pentateuch

John H. Sailhamer, professor of Old Testament Studies at our Southern California Campus, recently completed The Meaning of the Pentateuch, Revelation, Composition and Interpretation, published by InterVarsity Press.

Persuaded of the singular vision of the Pentateuch, Sailhamer searches out clues left by the author and the later editor of the Pentateuch that discloses the meaning of this great work. By paying particular attention to the poetic seams in the text, he rediscovers a message that surprisingly brings us to the threshold of the New Testament gospel.

Sailhamer's 610-page tome on the Bible's first five books briefly broke into the top 100 in's sales rankings. Christianity Today editor at large Collin Hansen interviewed Sailhamer about his newest book, biblical criticism, and finding meaning in the text of Scripture.

Read the interview, published in Christianity Today's January issue.