Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies Degrees Conferred at Golden Gate Seminary

Seven students received degrees on May 28, 2009, for the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, awarded by Union University on the Northern California Campus of Golden Gate Seminary, as part of the Global Studies Program (GSP).

The Global Studies Program is a partnership between Golden Gate and Union University, in which students earn two degrees: a theological degree from Golden Gate Baptist MAIS 2009 FacultyTheological Seminary, and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) from Union University. The Golden Gate degree satisfies the biblical and theological readiness requirements for international placement, while the MAIS degree provides professional credentials for access to unique global contexts. 

The 2009 graduates are Benjamin Scott Adkins, Jess Adam Gary, John Douglas Hewitt, Tana Lea Inskeep, Joshua Christopher Johnson, Jeffrey Jay Malott, and Christine Michele 


Dr. Cynthia Powell Jayne, Associate Provost, Institute for International and Intercultural Studies, Union University, gave the commencement address, conferred the degrees and presented diplomas. 

Michele Woods, Josh Johnson & Dr. Iorg
“In the early days of the partnership that is the foundation of the Global Studies Program, it would have been easy for either Union or Golden Gate to give up on the challenges of cross-county academic cooperation,” said Dr. Jayne, addressing the graduates and their friends and families. “But the uncommon success of alliance is evident in the lives of our students and alumni.” She added her confidence that God is using these two institutions to do something together that neither could do as well alone. 
Jean Marie Walls, Garth Clayborn & Dr. Cynthia Jayne
Dr. Jayne recognized Garth Clayborn as the program coordinator of the UU-SF MAIS program as well as the Kim School GSP Coordinator. Dr. Jayne also acknowledged Annie Li and Melissa Stroud as the first designated Discussion Leaders for the MAIS.