Awards Conferred at Honors Chapel

Graduates from all five campuses are recognized

Eighteen students from Golden Gate Seminary were recognized at Honors Chapel at the Northern California Campus of Golden Gate Seminary on May 14, 2009.

“Today we recognize those students who are making the most of what God has given them,” said President Jeff Iorg as he addressed the students, relatives, friends and seminary staff who gathered to acknowledge those receiving awards. “These students are celebrating the talents that God has given them, and are using them not for themselves, but for the glory of the Master.” 


 Baker Bookhouse Award (Theology)  Victor Chayasirisobhon (SCC)
 Borchert Prize in NT (NCC only)  Katie Coddaire-Philpot
 Broadman & Homan Seminarian Award  Paul Gerritson (RMC)
 Buren Higdon Christian Leadership Award  Timothy Roe (NCC)
 Lee Hall (RMC)
 Craig Skinner Award in Biblical Preaching  Rondall Leggett (NCC)
 Educational Leadership Service in
 Ministry Award
 Annie Li (NCC)
 Educational Leadership Pursuit of
 Excellence Award
 Rebecca Unrau (SCC)
 Francis M. DuBose Award for Excellence
 in Kingdom Missions
 Mark Webb (RMC)
 GGBTS Church Planting Award  Travis Nichols (NCC)
 Jack O'Neal Multi-Ethnic Award  Jonathan Hoyt (AZC)
 Lifeway Pastoral Leadership Award  Victor Chayasirisobhon (SCC)
 Zondervan Award in Biblical Greek  Paul Gerrison (RMC)
 Zondervan Award in Biblical Hebrew  Amber Ayers (NCC)
 James and Marjorie Swope Award  Drew Cunningham (NCC)
 Orin Suffern Award for Excellence in
 Worship Arts
 David Busch (NCC)
 The Ronald Hornecker Award - DMIN  Gary Dodrill, Morgan Kerr
 Will Edd & LIla Fae Langford Award - DMIN  Stewart Moody

“The Bible tells us that elders who rule well are worthy of ‘double honor’,” said Dr. Michael Martin, Academic Dean. “The spirit of this teaching reminds us to celebrate the achievements of exceptional brothers and sisters in tangible ways.” One way Golden Gate Seminary does so is through a special chapel devoted to honoring special people. “We give thanks to God that he has called such hard-working and talented workers into His service,” Dr. Martin continued, “and we look forward to seeing the great things the Father will do through them in the years to come.”