Professor Dwight A. Honeycutt Retires From Golden Gate Seminary

“I have enjoyed the benefit of having a part in sparking the interest and the careers of so many students,” said Dr. Dwight A. Honeycutt as he recalled his 20-year career at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary as William A. Carleton Professor of Church History. “Many of the students continue to keep in touch.” 

When considering the offer to teach at Golden Gate in 1988, the location was what persuaded him. “San Francisco, the Pacific Rim, it’s such a strategic area. I’m not sure anything else could have convinced us to leave Colombia [South America] except the challenge and the opportunity of living in this diverse area.” Honeycutt noted the “magnificent laboratory for multicultural ministry we have at our doorstep.” 

He recalled the interview he had with Golden Gate’s then-President William O. Crews, when they talked about Crews’ vision for contextualized theological education with the establishment of the regional campuses. “I wanted to be involved with this concept,” Honeycutt said. “I liked the idea of students being able to go to seminary in the area where they already had a ministry.” 

In addition to his Golden Gate teaching and faculty responsibilities including chairing many committees and departments, Honeycutt has lived in Colombia, South America as a missionary, served as guest professor in seminaries all over the world, given numerous keynote addresses, pastored many churches and authored several articles and books.
“I’ve enjoyed teaching, I tend to thrive in an academic environment,” said Honeycutt reflectively. “Being around young adults has helped me to keep a fresh perspective.” He likes being available for the students, being there when they come in to talk and share about what’s going on in their lives. 

After taking a year off to “debrief” and travel, Honeycutt plans to return to Golden Gate to teach occasionally as a senior professor. “I had great experiences when I was in school and I want to recreate these experiences for my students,” he said. “I was impacted and impressed by the challenges and encouragement I received from my professors, and I hope that I’ve helped to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“Dr. Honeycutt’s background in pastoral ministry, as an IMB missionary and as a proven scholar made him a valuable addition to Golden Gate,” said Dr. Michael Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “During his time here his passion for Jesus, his love for students and his command of his discipline have been evident and have earned him the respect of students and colleagues alike. We celebrate with him his retirement, but will miss him greatly.”