New Playground for Golden Gate Seminary

Generous Annonymous Donation Provides Recreation for Student Families 

“The quality of life on our seminary campus is determined by many factors. When you’re a five year old, it’s having a fun place to play,” said Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary President Jeff Iorg. 

Dr. Iorg was joined by the Seminary’s Board of Trustees, staff, local students, families and a collection of children from nearby Golden Gate Academy preschool as a new playground was officially dedicated on April 8, 2008 at 1:15 PM. Cutting the ribbon at Golden Gate Seminary’s playground dedication:  The children of Golden Gate Academy Preschool. (L to R) Seminary Trustee Bob Galey, Mill Valley Chamber Exec Kathy Severson, Trustee E. W. McCall, Seminary President Jeff Iorg, Golden Gate Academy Director Christi Williams.

“The original playground was 47 years old,” recalled trustee Bob Galey. “This is something that has been on our prayer list for five or six years.” As a trustee on the student committee, he would meet with students, many of them young parents, and they would tell him their concerns. He would report back to the trustees and a recurring theme each year was a new playground. But there were always more important items, and the playground never rose to the top of the list. “I’m just real excited that it’s finally become a reality,” he said. 

The reality began in the fall of 2007, when Dr. Iorg attended a neighborhood social gathering, and met a neighbor who had recently moved to the area. “He enjoyed walking the campus in the evening with his family,” said Dr. Iorg. “He saw the need and offered to pay for the playground in appreciation for living near the Seminary.” 

Community Playground, Inc. of Novato handled the installation, which took four months to complete. Total cost of the project was $80,000 for new equipment and installation. “The 5,000 square foot play area includes 320 lineal feet of concrete and 280 cubic yards of engineered wood fibers, what we used to call tan bark,” said Robert Dvorak, director of facilities management and project supervisor. 

“The playground  is intended for children on our campus and in our community,” stated Dr. Iorg.
  This semester  the number of seminary 
  children likely to  use the playground is 
  about 27, but it often goes as high as 60. 

 “We’re  delighted to improve the life of the seminary kids,” the president added.