Fall 2012 Trustees Meeting Report

Golden Gate Seminary’s Board of Trustees Hear of God’s Blessing

Trustees of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary received reports about seminary operations, accomplished routine business, and toured the Southern California campus during the two-day Board meeting October 8 and 9, 2012.

“Golden Gate Seminary continues to fulfill its mission of shaping leaders who expand God’s kingdom around the world,” President Jeff Iorg said in his opening remarks to the trustees. “While daily challenges of seminary operations are sometimes daunting, the trajectory of our school is healthy – with much evidence of God’s blessing on our work.”

During the meeting, the Board heard reports and took action on numerous items including fundraising, the search for a new Vice President for Institutional Advancement, recruiting strategies, implementation of new academic programs, and approving the general concept for the Master of Christian Counseling degree. The most significant action by the Board was electing Dr. Don Dent as Director of The David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions.

Trustees heard presentations by two professors from the Southern California campus, Paul Kelly, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, and David Gill, Director of the Korean English Bilingual Program. Trustees also heard reports from the Seminary's four other regional campuses.

President Iorg highlighted the Seminary’s recent financial blessings stating, “I believe God is blessing us, in part, because of our decision to give ourselves away to help other seminaries strengthen their work.” Golden Gate has forged recent partnerships with the Mexican Theological Seminary, Korean Baptist Theological Seminary, and is exploring associations with other like-minded institutions around the world.

The president reviewed the accomplishments of the past two years in creating and accommodating much growth to the academic program, and emphasized that this year was a time to stabilize and strengthen these changes. “While we are working on some new items, like the fully online Master of Divinity degree, most of our focus this year is on getting our new faculty integrated into our system and building enrollment in our new programs.”