PNWC Director Reflects on Students

Mark Bradley, Director of our Pacific Northwest Campus, shared experiences of students at the conclusion of the fall 2011 semester.

Two years into this assignment now, I’d like to share from the heart about the state of the Pacific Northwest Campus of Golden Gate Seminary. The fellowship among the students who are here for multiple classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, is strong. These students share meals together, laugh and play together (mostly ping pong), and talk ministry and theology even outside of class.

After noticing several students of various ethnicities enjoying Korean food together, Dr. Kon Yang coordinated a feast of Korean food prepared by student Andy Gwak’s mother. More than twenty of us participated in that special lunch meal. When Dr. Allan Karr taught Basic Evangelism in Federal Way, he took the students out to a restaurant for fellowship. I followed his example with both of my Foundations for Ministry classes (in Vancouver and Federal Way).

We have several students that are distinguishing themselves academically. Drs. Mike Kuykendall and Kon Yang report that some are as sharp as any we’ve ever had on campus. For instance, Dr. Kuykendall had a student (Ashley Seuell) earn every possible point on every weekly quiz for the whole semester of his New Testament course last Spring. That was a first for him in over twenty years.

We have a Korean student (Sung Taek Pyo) who came in as a Diploma in Theology (DPTH) student who has successfully appealed to be upgraded to the Master of Divinity. That potential is available for all DPTH students, but few achieve it.

One of our new students this semester (Sonny Meyers) is, for technical reasons, auditing Hebrew and will enroll in a degree program in the Spring. Auditors are not unusual, but it’s uncommon to have one drive all the way from the Tri-Cities fifteen consecutive Mondays for an 8:00 a.m. Hebrew class! We expect him to excel as a degree-seeking student.

One of the students (Phil Olson) in my Basic Evangelism class this semester earned at least 100 out of 110 points on each of 10 quizzes on our most difficult textbook and also set the standard on a couple of his written assignments. There are several others doing outstanding work.

In addition to the academic standouts, it’s a blessing to get to know the hearts of our students as they share about their lives and ministries. David Norrie is always wide-eyed with a passion for serving the Lord. Andrew Kwok has blessed us with his stories of God’s power in missions and evangelism settings. Eric Lockhart would rather talk about theology than anything, even SEC football. Michael Brownell is eager each week to update me on his last week of ministry and seek perspective on decisions that must be made. John Zweygartt slips into my office to share some extra thought on the gospel or evangelism and always keeps us on our toes in class with his zeal and wit. I was moved to tears as I read Johnny Rosado’s account of God’s grace in his life in his personal history reflection paper. John Peters is growing in knowledge and skills, enjoying some pulpit supply opportunities, and eager to find a pastorate.

What a privilege and joy it is to serve at Golden Gate Seminary! We’ve got something good going here. For additional information about how you could join us, visit us online, email us, or call 360-882-2200.