Golden Gate Forms Partnership with Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary President Jeff Iorg signed a partnership agreement with Seminario Teológico Bautista Mexicano (Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary) on March 16, 2012, initiating a closer working relationship between the two institutions.

“This agreement will enhance the association between the two schools and develop academic and cultural relationships in the areas of educational development, research, spiritual growth, and other activities,” said Dr. Iorg.

Dr. Daniel Jiménez, president of Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary said, “This agreement is the beginning of a great relationship with Golden Gate Seminary. It will provide us with opportunities for collaboration and enhancement of both of our programs.”

A key aspect of the partnership will be Golden Gate’s efforts to facilitate faculty development, as well as consult with Mexican leaders about curriculum design. Another goal for the Mexican Seminary is taking advantage of Golden Gate’s advanced academic programs as a source for training selected students with potential to become their future faculty members.