New Korean-English Bilingual Program Launched

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary has announced the launching of two Korean-English bilingual tracks of two existing degrees – the Master of Divinity and the Master of Theological Studies. Both of these degrees will initially be offered at the Seminary’s Southern California campus beginning in fall 2012.

“The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) are the same degrees we are already delivering at each of our five campuses,” said Dr. Michael Martin, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “The professors of these Korean-English courses will be fluent in the Korean and English languages. Class lectures will be presented in the Korean language and students will submit work in Korean. However, participating students must be bilingual in order to participate fully in the academic experience.”

The Korean-English bilingual program is in response to the need of many Korean students who are very capable academically, but struggle to explain what they have learned in the English language. This new program will allow them to adequately express what they have learned and give nuance to their understanding of the material. “It will allow students the opportunity to learn and engage in student/faculty interaction and peer interaction to their full capability,” explained Martin.

Students in the program will be required to take theological reading seminars in which they will read theological texts written in English. Students will then discuss their studies in an English language conversation, enhancing their English skills.

Martin anticipates that the two types of students most likely to enroll will be first generation Korean-Americans already serving in Korean churches in the United States and international students who come directly from Korea.

“The Korean community has provided incredible encouragement for launching this effort to our Korean program. Their financial and cooperative support was a significant issue in gaining authorization from our accrediting agencies,” said Dr. Jeff Iorg, Golden Gate Seminary’s president.

Dr. David Gill, a well-known Korean leader among Southern Baptists, has been named the Director of Golden Gate Seminary’s Korean Bilingual Masters Programs. Dr. Gill is a graduate of Golden Gate Seminary holding a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Arts in Christian Education. Gill will recruit, promote, consult, teach, and raise funds related to the Korean program.

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