New Branding Launched

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary recently unveiled a new brand identity designed to more clearly communicate its mission, vision, and values. The changes include a new logo, tagline, and graphics featured on everything from a new website to all printed and display materials used by the Seminary.

The focal point of the look is a new logo, composed of a globe with a cross inside and a Bible uppermost. “Our new logo links us to the cross, the world, and the Word,” explained seminary president Jeff Iorg. “The Bible in the logo is an active Word – moving, thriving, and progressing with the message of the cross throughout our world.”

The logo corresponds with a new tagline – biblical, missional, global – which emphasizes primary aspects of the Seminary’s identity. Golden Gate Seminary is biblical (underscoring its commitment biblical inerrancy), missional (committed to sharing the Gospel message of salvation with everyone), and global (a multicultural seminary whose graduates serve around the world).

The Seminary has also developed a simpler, more direct mission statement – shaping leaders who expand God’s kingdom around the world.

“These aren’t new characteristics for Golden Gate,” said Iorg, “but they are presented in a fresh way. The new look enables us to better communicate who we are and the direction we are going.”

The new look was first introduced at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Phoenix, in June 2011. The website,,reflects the new graphics, images, and easy-to-use links.