Golden Gate Seminary Receives Highest Recommendation from Accreditation Agencies

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary recently completed a multi-year accreditation study, resulting in full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Both agencies gave the Seminary the highest recommendations for all its academic programs.

“These two reports could not have been better,” said President Jeff Iorg. “We received the strongest affirmation possible, the best scores for which we could have hoped.” He noted that the accreditation included the entire five-campus system, and the Seminary received the longest recertification period available from ATS, which is ten years.

The process leading to the recertification was a joint study by both WASC and ATS. They evaluated extensive reports which were prepared by the Seminary, including the Capacity and Preparatory Report, and the Educational Effectiveness Report. They visited the Seminary, reviewing facilities and interviewing staff, students, and faculty.

“One of the most encouraging findings in the report was our clarity of mission and the remarkable unity our staff and faculty have in pursuing that mission,” Iorg said.

Michael Martin, Vice President of Academic Affairs, said that accreditation is important because it “provides third party quality assurance to the Seminary, to students and to other schools. It confirms that we are financially stable, properly delivering the course work, adequately staffed, and delivering an appropriate level of education.” He described how accreditation allows for transfer of credits and recognition of degrees. “Assurance is also shared by other schools when they receive our graduates. Because we are accredited, they can expect our students to be well-prepared to enter into their programs,” Martin said.

Golden Gate was commended by the accreditation team for excellence in several areas including unified focus on the mission, student assessment across all programs and at all five campuses, faculty participation in institutional processes, sound fiscal management, and enthusiastic support and participation by all employees in developing a new long range plan for the Seminary.

The report from the accreditation team called Golden Gate, “a healthy institution that is providing a sound education for its students.” Dr. Iorg remarked, “We have always believed in our process and product, but it’s nice to have independent corroboration of the good work we are doing.”