Day of Prayer 2011

Day of Prayer - February 3, 2011

In conjunction with the Southern Baptist Convention’s National Day of Prayer, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary devoted most of a day to prayer on Thursday, February 3. All five campuses observed the day with students, faculty and staff meeting in focused prayer for missions, revival in local churches, the seminary community, and for kingdom focus in the lives of those praying. On the Seminary’s Northern California campus, the event coincided with the Seminary’s first Chapel of the spring semester, followed by hourly faculty-led prayer meetings from noon to midnight.

Golden Gate president Dr. Jeff Iorg reported to those attending the Northern California campus how churches across the Southern Baptist Convention observed a Day of Prayer in various formats during the week. “Some have communicated with me their prayers for Golden Gate. We have a big family that is standing with us as we join to pray for our churches, our nation, and the world.”

Iorg commenced the Seminary’s Day of Prayer by discussing the prayer meeting in Acts 4. He summarized what occurred prior to the prayer meeting. “Peter and John healed the lame man, spoke to the crowd that had gathered, were jailed and tried by the Sanhedrin, and then released. Then they went directly to their own people, to tell them all that had happened, and to pray together. The church prayed about their pressing problems and asked for supernatural intervention.”

Iorg encouraged his listeners to follow the same pattern as they moved through the day-long prayer meeting. “Today as we pray from noon to midnight,” Iorg concluded, “Let’s follow this model. Let’s make it a day of humility, dependence, and celebration as we come before God in prayer.”