Intersect 2010 - Dialogue + Diaspora

Golden Gate Seminary’s Northern California campus celebrated Intersect 2010, a five-day intercultural event held the first week of November. This year’s theme, “Dialogue + Diaspora,” focused on the Jewish Diaspora, as well as reflecting on the importance of understanding the larger global diaspora.

Sponsored by the Seminary’s Kim School of Global Missions, the 6th annual Intersect Week provided the Golden Gate community with an opportunity to dialogue about significant intercultural issues and to promote intercultural understanding. This year’s keynote speakers were Messianic rabbis Harlon and Joyce Picker. The event incorporated a variety of activities including lectures, discussions, films, question and answer sessions, a campus-wide international luncheon, an art exhibit, music, and presentations.


“We are all people of diaspora in some way,” said Dr. Rick Durst, Director of Online Education, during his interpretation of the theme ‘Dialogue + Diaspora.’ Diaspora literally means to be scattered, Durst explained as he quoted Deuteronomy 28:25 “…and you shall be a Diaspora (dispersion) in all the kingdoms of the earth.”

“Today in the United States, when any group of people are gathered together,” Durst continued, “You will find that one in eight people is not native born.” He said that they have been disbursed from their homeland and are part of the diaspora.

“Golden Gate is the most multi-cultural seminary in North America,” said Seminary President Jeff Iorg, in his welcome to students at the first of two Intersect chapel services. “The world is becoming more diverse and we are training those in ministry to serve in this environment. We celebrate and learn from this diversity, rather than being divided by it.”

Dr. Iorg also presented an award to Dr. Faith Kim upon her retirement as Intersect chair, and for her work of founding and developing the unique program.

“Just as the Christian faith intersects the language, location, and cultures of people wherever they are, Christians are called to intersect with people - wherever and whoever they are - sharing the Good News of Jesus,” said Dr. Kim, who is also chair of the Seminary’s Intercultural Education.

“Through Intersect, we are creating conversations for people to experience God in the intersection of cultures.”