Commuter Housing-NCC

Commuters are the bulk of our student population throughout our regional sites and the Northern California campus. Commuter students and their special needs are important to the seminary community as a whole. In order to better facilitate commuter travel, the seminary offers budget overnight accommodations at the Northern California campus residence halls (Truett dormitory and Mallory dormitory). Below are the guidelines for student commuters for making arrangements for overnight housing through the course of each semester.

Reservation System

Student commuter rooms are available for reservation on a semester-by-semester basis (first-come-first-serve) for both regular semesters and mini-terms.  Below are the dates when reservations will begin to be received for a specific semester or mini-term:

Semester   Mini-Term  
Fall (Aug.-Dec.) July 1st J-Term November 1st
Spring (Feb.-May) January 1st Summer April 1st


You will need to complete a Commuter Room Request Form. The forms are available in the Residence Life Office or by e-mailing the Residence Life office at

After reviewing the request and confirming availability, the Residence Life office will send a confirmation e-mail to the commuter student detailing the dates, room number, and cost. Students who come on a regular basis will most likely be able to keep their keys and stay in the same room.


Rates & Fees

Double-occupancy (standard)

  • roommate assigned unless you request a specific roommate
  • $15/night, per person
  • charges are billed to a valid credit or debit card the week following completion of reservation
  • charges may be billed to your GGBTS account only with special permission

Single-occupancy (based on availability)

  • $30/night, per person

Married couples

  • $40/night
  • applies only when husband and wife are both enrolled students
  • Note: if a married student brings their non-student spouse or any other guest, guest housing (not commuter housing) rates apply. See the Guest Housing Services page for more information.


  • Cancellation policy: 24-hour cancellation notice required to avoid being charged for the room
  • Lost/misplaced key fee: $20

Rooming Arrangements & Limitations

All rooms are assigned through the Residence Life office. Mallory Hall commuter rooms house female commuter students only and the rooms in Truett Hall accommodate male commuters. Commuter couples (dually-enrolled) are assigned to studio units. All commuter rooms are double-occupancy (specific roommates may be requested through the Commuter Room Request Form). If a roommate is not specifically requested, the Residence Life office will assign a roommate. If the Residence Life Office is not able to assign a roommate to any reserved room then the commuter is not penalized by being charged for a single-occupancy room.

Student commuter rooms are reserved for students only to serve commuter needs (as reflected by the reduced rate). Commuter rooms may not be used for accommodating family or friends. Student commuters who wish to bring un-enrolled spouses, children, or other persons for overnight stay on campus must access the services of guest housing and pay the appropriate guest housing room rates.

Room Access & Personal Keys

  • Check-in: 4 p.m.
  • Check-out: 10 a.m.

Personal room keys are issued as a convenience to commuter students and constitute a trust relationship; no key-holder should ever access the room except on reserved dates. Unauthorized access will result in forfeiture of all reservation dates, in addition to additional fees/fines.

Room Amenities

  • twin beds
  • study desk/lamp
  • closet
  • built-in drawers and vanity
  • phone service (through the seminary switchboard)
  • on the hall:
    • showers and restrooms
    • kitchen/dining room
    • laundry room
  • common areas:
    • prayer/study room
    • community TV area


Housekeeping Services provides each commuter room with individual bed linens, towels, and soap. Students are responsible for making their own bed. Should rooms not be furnished with appropriate supplies, contact the Residence Life Office or Facilities Management. Commuters are asked to please remove bed linens and pile with dirty towels before checking out.

Parking & Security

  • Parking available in the Truett/Mallory parking lot next to Truett Hall
  • Overflow parking available
  • Campus patrol available 24/7 at (415) 729-1512

Commuter Room Guidelines

Designated commuter rooms are maintained within our active dormitory community. Therefore, student commuters staying on halls should abide by all community standards. Please follow all posted regulations, especially the following reminders:

  • Smoking is not permitted on seminary property.
  • Quiet hours are 10 PM – 10 AM
  • Bag & label/date all personal food in community refrigerator or pantry space marked "commuter"
  • Completely clean/return all kitchenware & serving ware following any meal preparations.
  • Remove all personal items from restroom/showers after bathing.
  • Remove all personal items from room when checking out.

Priority Reservations for Summer/J-Term Sessions

Students from other regional campuses who attend a summer or J-term course at the Northern California campus will be given priority for commuter room reservations. Regional campus students should follow academic schedules carefully and make room reservations immediately upon confirmation of mini-term registration.

If both commuter and guest housing are full, you may wish to look at a hotel in the Mill Valley area.