Testimonies From Graduates

"After seventeen years of ministry, it was time to get my doctoral degree. I'd always planned on getting it someday and the time seemed right. What I hadn’t planned on was the dramatic impact the D.Min. program at GGBTS would have on my life and ministry. What I learned and experienced about myself and my ministry refreshed and refocused me for the next 20 years of ministry life."
Roger Barrier, Pastor

"The D.Min. is second only to God's initial call in its impact upon me as a minister. The Golden Gate program is geared toward improving practical skills that are needed to be a good minister."
Charles Reynolds, Chaplain

"The overall D.Min. experience was life-changing for me. My effectiveness as a minister has greatly improved through interaction with the professors and fellow D.Min. candidates. I enthusiastically recommend the Golden Gate D.Min. program to anyone seeking personal and professional growth."
Kevin Muilenburg, Pastor

"I hardly thought I needed more education, since I have M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees, plus years of full-time university and seminary teaching experience. But I was wrong. . . it is fair to say that my life and my ministry have been transformed by the D.Min. program."
John P. Wheeler, Professor and Chaplain

"The DMIN program exceeded my expectations. Every seminar was worthwhile; the accessibility of faculty was excellent; the supervision was growth-oriented; and the project was stimulating. The program's integration was outstanding."
Norm Langston, Pastor

"Every course was practical and I was able to put the new information to use immediately. I learned to believe in myself and in my ability to administrate for the purpose of ministry."
Jean White, NAMB Consultant

"The DMin program is a tremendous blend of academic and spiritual discipline with focused practical application. The Faculty is outstanding in equipping students to grow personally and professionally."
Mitch Wesley, Campus Minister

"For me the DMin program was a process that God used to heal past ministry hurts, relieve present ministry stress, and unlock future ministry potential. The program enabled me to become an empowered ministry leader. The program helped me to discover a clearer understanding of who I am, to develop ministry skills, and to increase my confidence as a leader."
Jerry Lanford, Pastor

"Golden Gate Seminary has embraced an approach to practical education that values the ministry field as much as the classroom. Because ministry situations infinitely vary, the future of theological education belongs to those schools that can meet the student where he or she is."
John Draper, Director of Missions

"Without question, my wife and I feel the D.Min. program at GGBTS is one of the most valuable investments of time and energy we have ever made. We never dreamed how many times in ministry I would depend on the practical education I received through the program. The program provided me the opportunity to both increase my ministry strengths and nurture my ministry weaknesses in ways I never thought possible."
Joe Taylor, Pastor

"If you are thinking about a DMIN, you need to be thinking about Golden Gate. The experience is rich. It's not just academics, it’s a life-changing experience."
Randy White, Pastor

"If you want to take a step up educationally; if you want to be equipped for professional ministry; if you want instruction that is relevant to doing ministry in the 21st century, then GGBTS DMIN program is where you want to be."
Rhonda Boggs, Director of Single Adults

"After prayerful consideration of several doctoral programs, I found the quality DMIN program of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary to be godly, theological in nature, and pragmatic. The DMIN program provided godly personal, pastoral and professional growth in me. As a result of the program and project, I learned to perform more intentional, informed, and integrated ministry as a military chaplain and as a pastoral counselor."
James E. Tille, Chaplain

"This program fueled both personal and ministerial growth in my life. Bringing congruence to functional and theoretical theological issues and growth in my personal relationship areas proved to be very significant. The program clearly portrayed the bridge between philosophical and practical issues and assisted me in erecting such bridges in my own life."
Don McCutcheon, Director of Evangelism Strategy

"The quality of scholarship was high, and the flexibility of the program allowed me to tailor classes for my professional interests. It was the most helpful learning experience of my life."
Kenneth Mottram, Chaplain

"The DMin program was a defining season of growth and maturity in my ministry. It has helped me in becoming the kind of pastor I want to be."
Daniel Lambert, Pastor