There are eight seminars, in three categories:
  • Program Seminars orient you to our program, and prepare you for your ministry project. They are:
    • Orientation
    • Research Methods and tools for D.Min. projects
    • Project Planning
  • Core Seminars help you integrate ministry function with biblical, historical, and theological disciplines. They are:
    • Theory and Practice of Ministry and Leadership
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Ministry of Personal Relationships
  • Specialist Seminars are customized seminars/learning experiences that you propose. They may be seminars offered by Golden Gate, another institution, or a tutorial offered by a qualified person, as approved by the cohort coordinator.       
All Core and Program Seminars are taught in 7 to 10-day segments. Each seminar requires advance preparation: candidates will not be admitted to core and program seminars until they have completed all advance assignments. Reading lists are available in the D.Min. office approximately four months prior to a seminar. In most instances advance preparation will include:
  • The reading and written responses to a specified bibliography.
  • The writing of one or more case studies related to the subject of the seminar.
  • Other requirements as specified by seminar leaders.
All of our seminars are conducted in-person, so candidates gain from personal interaction with professors, practitioners, and peers.

For more detailed information on curriculum, see the catalog.