Benefits of D.Min. Program

What’s unique about Golden Gate’s D.Min. program?

  • You’re a person, not a number
  • Quality education at a reasonable cost
  • Personalized learning goals and learning flexibility through specialist seminars
  • Practical focus of seminars, in short-term intensive format
  • Limited trips to accessible seminar sites (San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Southern California, etc.)
  • Cultural and vocational diversity within cohorts
  • Peer support and relationships
  • Seminars co-taught by seminary faculty and leading practitioners
  • “360-degree” field-based mentoring process

What should I expect to gain from the D.Min. experience?
“We minister out of who we are.” This philosophy means the program focuses not just upon content, but on the person of the minister. We will help you identify your strengths, and your styles of interaction, conflict, and supervision. You will develop a learning covenant where you set your own goals. You will learn a great deal about yourself, time use, emotional responses, and operational theology through a journaling process and various methods of theological reflection upon ministry.

Is the D.Min. program hard or easy?
It is rigorous, requiring serious attention and a re-shaping of your priorities. It may feel more like a ministry boot camp than an academic process, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Former Cowboys coach Tom Landry says, “We make men do what they don’t want to do, so they can become the players they always wanted to be.” This sounds a little more coercive than you will experience in our program; however, to achieve excellence there must be a certain level of discipline – of doing what you would not normally do on your own.