The mentoring process normally lasts 18 months and includes regular interaction and feedback from a field mentor, laypersons, and peers. This experiential learning becomes a significant part of your formation as you reflect upon your ministry and the regular feedback you receive from multiple perspectives.

Ministry mentoring includes:
  • Field Mentor. You develop a covenant of learning with your field mentor and meet with him or her on a regular basis for 24 months, for feedback and theological reflection upon your ministry function and personhood. Your field mentor also works closely with the track coordinator.

    You will suggest several possible people to serve as your field mentor. The best matches are those in the same or similar areas of ministry, who can help you in both personal and professional issues by listening, processing, advising, challenging, affirming, etc. Usually your field mentor will be in your own locale, or at least in your region, to make it easier for your regular meetings. The track coordinator will make the final selection. The key concern is to find the best match to help you optimize the ways the program can help you learn and grow.
  • Ministry Support Group (MSG). You will form a support group of your peers in ministry. The MSG meets monthly for a year to give mutual support, ministry reflection, and accountability.
  • Lay Consultation Committee (LCC). The LCC is made up of a cross-section of four to six people in your ministry setting. It meets monthly for a year to provide constructive feedback on how they experience your ministry.