CLD Fees

CLD Fees for 2015-2016

Application for Center Certification Fee $35.00
Application for Admission (for each Certificate program) $30.00
Application for Admission (for each Diploma program) $30.00
Certificate Change Fee $30.00
Diploma Change Fee $30.00
GGBTS CLD Fee (per credit hour) $25.00
   First one ever  $0.00
   Official Copy emailed  $13.00
   Official Copy mailed  $15.00
   Faxed copy  $13.00
   International Copy mailed $17.10
 Graduation Fee  $90.00
 Graduation Application Late Fee (CLD) $50.00

 Cap and Gown Rental (subject to change without notice; price is set by Herff jones, not the Seminary)
 IRS Mileage Reimbursement for 2015. For other years, see 0.575
 Returned Check Fee (this is for a returned check due to insufficient funds)  $60.00