Online Degrees Class Schedule

The projected four-year cycle of online courses will be integrated with a schedule of January and summer intensive courses to allow additional options toward complete your degree without relocating or disrupting your ministry or family.

Online students may register for fall classes up to the first week of class.

Below are the online classes normally offered.

S1112_91 Old Testament Introduction I (3 hrs.)  
S1312_91 New Testament Introduction I (3 hrs.)  
S1211_91 Intro. Old Testament Hebrew (3 hrs.)  
S1411_91 Intro. New Testament Greek (Pre-course work required) (3 hrs.)  
L1111_91 Church History I (3 hrs.)


Christian Theology I (3 hrs.)  
L2131_91 Classics of Christian Devotion (2 hrs.) [Meets the P1115 requirement in the MDIV]  
E1113_91 Principles and Approaches of Bible Teaching (3 hrs.)  
E2712_91 Foundations and Practices of Youth Ministry  
E2728_91 Contemporary Trends and Critical Issues in Youth Ministry (3 hrs.)  
P1111_91 Foundations of Ministry (3 hrs.)    
P1121_91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum  (2 hrs.)  
P2141_91 Tools for Theological Research (2 hrs.)  
E1312_91 Ministry Leadership (2 hrs.)  

S1113_91 Old Testament Introduction II (3 hrs.)  
S1313_91 New Testament Introduction II (3 hrs.)  
S22xx_91 Hebrew Exegesis (2 hrs.)
S24xx_91 Greek Exegesis (2 hrs.)  
L1112_91 Church History II (3 hrs.)  
L1212_91 Christian Theology II (3 hrs.)  
E1314_91 Administration and Church Growth (2 hrs.)  
E1112_91 Life Span Development (3 hrs.)  
E2727_91 Youth Ministry Leadership  
E2709_91 Contextual Youth Ministry  
P1111_91 Foundations for Ministry (2 hrs.)  
P1116_91 Integration into Ministry (2 hrs.)  
P1122_91 Leadership in Ministry Practicum (2 hrs.)  
P1411_91 Intro. Preaching (3 hrs.)  
P1512_91 Pastoral Counseling (3 hrs.)  
P1916_91 Worship and Music in the Faith Community (3 hrs.)  
I1111_91               Intercultural Communication (3 hrs.)
I1311_91               Basic Evangelism (2 hrs.) 
S2521_91             Biblical Hermeneutics (2 hrs.)