Northern California Campus - Student Services

Golden Gate Seminary offers a positive, exciting, diverse community in which to experience personal development and ministry leadership. Our campuses are composed of students and families from around the world. This dynamic creates an important environment for spiritual growth and challenging faith. Golden Gate seeks to foster an atmosphere conducive to personal devotion and consecration while maintaining high standards of learning.

Spiritual vitality is at the core of life and work at the Seminary. Students, faculty, and staff gather regularly for worship and exhortation. Chapel services (voluntary) are held weekly throughout the semester sessions. Many campus groups also gather for prayer meetings and Bible studies. The Seminary also sponsors seasonal ministry/mission efforts into local communities.

Much of the “co-curricular” efforts of Golden Gate are channeled through the Seminary's Student Services Office at the Northern California Campus. This office seeks to attend to the physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of our student community through quality services and programming. Student Services, in conjunction with the Campus Life Association, supervises and supports a variety of student-centered ministries, organizations, and activities. Other office functions include general Student Services matters such as financial aid, residence management, new student orientation, counseling referrals, employment services, student conduct, ministry placement, student publications, graduation events, campus recreation, and general co-curricular programs.

The Seminary anticipates a “readied” and stable learner. Our Student Services emphasis assists by aiding students or student families to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Sometimes a person anticipating theological education at Golden Gate is encouraged to postpone enrollment due to serious family, health, emotional, or financial difficulties. For these, the pressures of academics, family responsibilities, and/or financial issues might weigh so heavily as to adversely affect their overall well-being.

Ministry Placement Services

The primary function of Ministry Placement Services (MPS) is to assist GGBTS students and alumni in connecting with Southern Baptist churches throughout the United States for full-time pastor/minister search. Golden Gate-trained leaders are in high demand and continue to be involved in quality ministry leadership around the world.

This special campus service is managed through the Student Services Office at the Northern California campus (NCC). Ministry candidates post personal resumé information to our MPS database for access by various church search personnel. Resumé data and personal narrative information may be updated/edited at any time.

Enrolled students seeking secular employment opportunities, as well as part-time ministry positions, can access on-line position information through the web-based Job Board and Ministry Board also linked through the NCC Student Services section on the GGBTS web site.

Student Ethics

Golden Gate Seminary is an institution of the Southern Baptist Convention. Admission policies assume students have been identified as current or prospective ministry leaders by announced intent, proven conduct in accordance with Christian standards set forth in the Bible, and unqualified church approval. Students are briefed at orientation on conduct policies/regulations and new students are required to sign the Seminary Ethical Conduct Standards document.

The Seminary reserves the right to terminate at any time the enrollment of any student whose quality of performance, active church involvement, personal and ethical conduct, or financial status is deemed unsatisfactory. It is required that students who have given evidence of a divine call, are preparing for the Christian ministry, and have sought entrance into an institution administered by a Board of Trustees elected by the Southern Baptist Convention shall conduct themselves in a manner deemed by the Seminary as conduct becoming a Southern Baptist minister. The Seminary shall initiate disciplinary action should standards of personal and ethical conduct be violated. In this context, the Seminary fully expects students to follow courses of conduct that are compatible with the announced policies and resolutions of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Change in Marital Status

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to foster healthy marriages and healthy families through quality programming, resources, and authentic relationships. On the Northern California campus, the Student Services Office and other seminary departments often sponsor campus events and activities designed to strengthen Christian marriages. The Seminary's Partners in Ministry Training (PMT) program is a wonderful source of assistance and training for ministry couples.

Students encountering marital difficulties during their seminary experience are encouraged to seek assistance through the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services or Regional Campus Director. The Seminary will extend all available resources, understanding, grace, and concern in assisting couples experiencing marital stress (all referrals and information are held in confidence).

Married students who become estranged from their spouses are required to counsel with the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services or Regional Campus Director and possibly members of the campus faculty Student Relations Committee. At times, the nature and scope of marital difficulties and/or separation may impact enrollment status. All responses from the Seminary to couples in marital difficulty are designed to encourage reconciliation and restitution. In most cases, should a legal separation or divorce occur, the student is required by Seminary policy to withdraw from his/her active degree program for at least one full academic year. This policy exists not as a punitive measure, but to assist the student through a period of emotional/spiritual healing. Resident students at the Northern California Campus impacted by marital difficulties or legal seperation should consult with the Director of Student Services and the Seminary Housing Committee to determine housing eligibility. Students desiring to return to active enrollment following a withdrawal period may be required to resubmit standard admissions documents. The Seminary does not prohibit divorced persons from consideration for enrollment. Exceptions to the above policies must be appealed through the campus Student Relations Committee.

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary supports state law regarding Child Protective Services. State law requires reporting of child abuse or neglect to proper authorities. Children should not be left unattended or placed in any situation on campus that might cause harm or injury.

Disability Accommodations

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary does not discriminate against applicants/students on the basis of personal disabilities. The Seminary, in voluntary compliance with the American Disabilities Act, will provide reasonable institutional accommodations, modifications, and adjustments to enable and empower students with disabilities to participate in Seminary programs and activities to the fullest extent possible. However, Golden Gate cannot support accommodations that place undue hardship on the Seminary or its resources or which alter the essential requirements of curriculum and academic progress.

Persons admitted to the Seminary with qualified disabilities should consult with the Office of Enrollment Services and the Student Services Office immediately concerning any requested accommodations, modifications, and/or adjustments necessitated by their disability. Failure to provide timely notice could prevent the Seminary from efficiently managing accommodations prior to the beginning of class sessions. Any questions concerning Seminary policies on disability accommodations should be directed to the Student Services Office at the Northern California Campus.