Estimated Financial Expenses

United States Immigration regulations require that anyone entering the United States on a F-1 student visa, submit official financial documentation to show that adequate financial resources are available for seminary education and living expenses while in the United States. The following is the approximate minimum cost for tuition, books, housing, food and living expenses for the academic year 2014-2015:

Southern Baptist
  Northern California Campus Southern California       Pacific Northwest
Single Student $19,465 $25,585                         $25,585
Married Couple $26,485 $31,525                         $31,525

Non-Southern Baptist
  Northern California Southern California       Pacific Northwest    
Single Student $23,535 $29,655                         $28,995
Married Couple $30,555 $35,595                         $34,935

Each child is an additional $3,314.

Students on F-1 visas are eligible to apply for part-time work on campus, although on-campus employment opportunities are limited.

Family members and dependants on an F-2 visa are not allowed to work at any time during their stay in the United States.