Tel-Gezer Excavation Project

The Marian Eakins Archaeological Collection (MEAC) contributes to ongoing archaeological field research through its participation in the Tel Gezer Excavation Project. Since the inaugural season in 2006, the MEAC has been a Consortium member, supporting the project through the payment of yearly dues and sending staff and volunteer personnel. The Gezer Project’s Field School provides education and training in both archaeological method and the history of ancient Israel.

Because of the MEAC’s membership, Golden Gate students receive priority in selection of applicants to participate in the dig, and a discount on participation fees. Students may receive GGBTS academic credit for attending the five-week dig.  GGBTS students have participated  in 5 of the 7 dig seasons thus far.  Not only can students apply and attend, but the MEAC encourages adults of all ages to consider joining us for as few as two weeks.

Ancient Gezer occupied a strategic location between Jerusalem and the Mediterranean coast during the Biblical periods. The 33-acre site boasts impressive ruins including a fortification system dating to the reign of Solomon (1 Kings 9:15).

The excavations, sponsored by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Israel Antiquities Authority, are affiliated with the American Schools of Oriental Research. Dr. Gary Arbino, the MEAC Curator, has been Senior Field Archaeologist since the start of the excavations.

For further information contact Dr. Gary Arbino and see the excavation’s web site

To read about Golden Gate's involvement in the project, check out articles in our Gateway alumni magazine: Fall 2007 and Fall 2011 (page 8 of the PDF).

If you wish to contribute financially to the ongoing work sponsored by the MEAC, please contact Dr. Arbino or Dr. Ben Skaug, Vice President of Institutional Advancement.