Housing Eligibility

The allowed maximum housing eligibility period is 10 days following the date of degree graduation or May 20, 2016, whichever comes first.

Students accepting campus housing must adhere to the following:
  1. Maintain timely rent payments
  2. Maintain all terms of the student housing License Agreement
  3. Maintain a CGPA greater than 2.0 per term
  4. Master/Diploma residents must complete a minimum of 9 units per semester and 22 units per academic year.  ThM/PhD residents must complete a minimum of 6 units per semester and 12 units per academic year.
Campus housing is limited to completion of a single degree.  Students electing to complete any additional degrees must reapply for housing upon graduation or completion of housing eligibility for the original degree.  Housing eligibility following the original degree completion or eligibility completion is not guaranteed.  When husband and wife are both students, only one spouse may be contracted as the primary student resident.  Upon graduation of the primary student resident, a spouse still in the program can request primary resident status through application of a new License Agreement.