Partners in Ministry Training Certificate (PMT)


Investing in the lives of lay people, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary encourages "partnering in the ministry" by offering the Partners in Ministry Training (PMT) Certificate. PMT is an unaccredited ministry training program designed for Seminary student spouses, enabling ministering couples to maximize their time at Seminary by preparing both partners to be co-laborers for Christ. The program also can serve to equip lay leaders for various church ministries. Courses are taught by Seminary professors and accomplished practitioners and are designed to increase biblical knowledge, deepen relationships with Jesus, and sharpen practical skills in leadership ministry. PMT is designed to equip students for leadership ministry in a supporting role.

Entrance Requirements

The PMT Program is available to all lay people regardless of educational background, including student spouses, students, alumni, and friends of Golden Gate Seminary.

Components of the Program

PMT is a two-year unaccredited certificate program. The courses are offered on a rotating basis, two per semester, lasting seven weeks each. Students may enter the program at the beginning of any seven week course. The courses are taught on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:20 pm - 8:30 pm. The cost is $35 per course, and the cost for children's ministry is $15 per child for the entire 7-week course.There is a discounted course fee of $25 per course for GGBTS spouses, and includes children's ministry.

Upon completion of the program, qualifying students may transfer units to the Contextualized Leadership Development diploma program.

Completion Requirements

A student application must be completed on or before the first class. To obtain credit for a course, six out of seven class sessions must be attended. The Partners in Ministry Training Certificate will be awarded upon completion of eight of the nine courses that are offered over two years.

This page is designed to help you keep a record of courses taken and courses needed to complete your PMT Certificate. To the left of each course enter the term in which you completed that course.

PMT office phone # (415)-380-1683

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Year 1
Bible Doctrine T1114 1
New Testament Survey T1112 1
Marriage & Family T1113 1
Foundations for Ministry T1111 1
Year 2
Lay Counseling T1115 1
Old Testament Survey T1116 1
Women in Missions T1119 1
Ministry in the Church T1118 1
Effective Communication in Ministry T1117 1