Partners in Ministry Courses

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T1111: Foundations for Ministry
Faculty/1 hour
A study of spiritual health and devotional practices for personal faith and ministry. Topics include a biblical health model, spiritual gifts and disciplines, and effective leadership for ministry.       

T1112: New Testament Survey
Faculty/1 hour
An overview of the background, content, and interpretation of the New Testament. This course is designed to bring excitement, increased understanding, and application of the New Testament books.

T1113: Marriage & Family
Faculty/1 hour
A discussion of Biblical principles and practical methods designed to strengthen your marriage and family. Practice godliness in your home. Have a marriage and family that display the love of Christ.

T1114: Bible Doctrine
Faculty/1 hour
A study of the essential historic doctrines of our faith. Deepen your understanding of the Word of God. Know what you believe and why. Be equipped to teach from an informed perspective.

T1115: Lay Counseling
Faculty/1 hour
A study of basic skills for lay counselors. It provides tools for biblically sound counseling and assisting in spiritual direction. It teaches principles for making referrals to trained professionals. Train to be an informed and compassionate lay counselor.

T1116: Old Testament Survey
Faculty/1 hour
An overview of the background, content, and interpretation of the Old Testament.  Addresses interpretation and application of various divisions of the Old Testament.  Learn deeper meaning and context for the stories of the Old Testament.

T1117: Effective Communication Ministry
Faculty/1 hour
A study of practical information on improving communication skills in various ministry settings. Topics include evangelistic presentations, various approaches to teaching Bible studies, effective listening, and communicating in multicultural settings.  It includes organizing material, effective delivery, and minimizing nervousness while speaking in public.

T1118: Ministry in the Church
Faculty/1 hour
A survey of various ministry organizations of the church.  It provides a theological basis for church ministries and investigates approaches and resources for church ministry.  Learn the purposes of the church and how to reach your community. 

T1119: Women in Missions
Faculty/1 hour
An exploration of the roles, challenges, and opportunities for women in missions today.