Diploma in Theology

The Diploma in Theology degree is a three-year program designed to offer training to those called into full-time ministry who normally have rich life and career experience but lack an undergraduate degree. Its goal is to prepare students for the pastoral ministry and related fields of service.

With the exception of an undergraduate degree, admission requirements are the same as students pursuing a master’s degree.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Biblical Foundations
Old Testament Introduction I S1112 3
Old Testament Introduction II S1113 3
New Testament Introduction I S1312 3
New Testament Introduction II S1313 3

Theological Foundations
Survey of Christianity to 1517 L1111 3
Survey of Christianity 1517 to present L1112 3
Christian Theology I L1211 3
Christian Theology II L1212 3
Christian Ethics L1411 2

Leadership Skill Formation
Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching E1113 3
Ministry Leadership E1312 3
Intercultural Communication I1113 3
Missions I1211 3
Basic Evangelism I1311 2
Spritual Formation P1115 2
Leadership Practicum I P1121 2
Leadership Practicum II P1122 2
Introduction to Preaching/Communication P1411 3
Pastoral Ministry P1511 3
Christian Counseling P1512 3
Worship & Music in the Faith Community P1916 3

Leadership Discernment
Foundations for Ministry (must be taken your first semester) P1111 2
Integration into Ministry (must be taken your last semester) P1116 2

General Electives
Electives 13
Total Hours 75

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