Ministry Reflection Group Resources

Theological Field Education (TFE) at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary depends upon volunteer Ministry Reflection Groups (MRGs) that give students feedback on their ministry skills and performance as well as issues of character and personhood. The Ministry Reflection Group is a team created in a ministry setting by the student to work with him/her during the ministry practicum. The persons receiving or observing the ministry are the most significant persons from whom the minister can get feedback. We are gratefully indebted to these men and women, who meet with a student at least three times during each semester of TFE.

Guidelines for choosing those to serve on the MRG
The MRG will be made up of three to five persons. The makeup of the MRG will usually follow the guidelines below:

   • Representative of the various adult age groups within the Ministry Field Setting.
   • Persons who receive the ministry of the student.
   • At least one man and one woman.
   • At least one person that is a leader in the Ministry Field Setting.
   • If available, one member who is a supervisor in his/her vocation.
   • The MRG should not include members of the student's family (including extended 
     family), GGBTS professors, or other GGBTS students.

Responsibilities of the MRG:
The MRG will meet with the student for at least one hour, three times each semester. 
       These times should be at approximately monthly intervals.
    • The MRG is to give the student reflection, not direction. The student must bear the 
       responsibility for each action and decision he/she makes, even if the action or decision
       evolves from discussion with the MRG.
    • The student and the MRG must be sensitive to maintain confidences.
    • The MRG is an "ad hoc" group functioning at the request of the student, and it has no 
      official standing or official decision-making powers.

MRG Files and Forms:
   • TFE Handbook

Two Semester TFE Class (P1121/22)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #1 (Aug-Sep)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #2 (Oct)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #3 (Nov)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #4 (Dec-Jan)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #5 (Feb)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #6 (Mar)
   • MRG Evaluation Report #7 (Apr) 
   • Instructions for MRG Forms