Ministry Board

Golden Gate students are expected to participate actively in Kingdom service through local church ministries, whether as volunteer servants or paid staff.

To aid the search for ministry positions, Golden Gate offers the "Ministry Board" as an automated "Help Wanted" system. This important database serves to assist current (and former) students in getting connected with Kingdom churches/ministries who need assistance and leadership in various areas.

Please note: The Ministry Board is most commonly used to advertise paid positions. If your church is looking to solicit volunteer assistance, then we suggest you send written notice to the Student Services Office, 201 Seminary Drive, Mill Valley, CA, 94941, for public posting on our bulletin boards.

Student Access

Golden Gate students and student spouses may search the job board by entering the Job Board access password and clicking the Search button (right). Passwords are available from the Student Life Office or by e-mail inquiry to the Job Board Administrator at


Poster Access

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An Important Reminder

Students searching for a ministry position are invited, but not required, to take advantage of the free GGBTS on-line Ministry Board. Ministry positions are organized and posted as a resource service only and as a convenience to the students and campus community of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Therefore, ministry employment information is intended primarily for students, student family members, and Seminary constituents. The Seminary does not bear the responsibility of endorsing any particular church body or church search personnel, nor does the Seminary necessarily sanction or agree with the theology or polity of every church or ministry advertising electronically for employees.
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information posted by employers, nor can the Seminary broker any grievance or labor dispute between any employer/employee relationships resulting from online Ministry Board contacts. While all attempts shall be made to provide up-to-date information, some job/position information may change without notice.