Tracks and Locations

What specialized tracks are available?

All of Golden Gate's Doctor of Ministry tracks feature seminars to improve your leadership capacities, your walk with God, and your ability to relate to those you serve. What makes a specialized track unique is that we offer specialist seminars to meet specific needs:
  • Healthy Church - centered on the theology and practice of leading a healthy church and developing a strategic plan for becoming or remaining a healthy church.  Candidates will discover ways to break through personal, organizational, and cultural barriers that hinder health and growth in congregations.
  • Expanded Ministry - Like all of Golden Gate’s Doctor of Ministry tracks, this one features seminars to improve your leadership capacities, your walk with God, and your ability to relate to those you serve. In addition, learn how to expand your message onto the printed page. Learn the skills necessary to present your message in the classroom and conference environment.
  • Mission Strategist/Catalyst - This track is designed with the Church Planting Catalyst, City Missionary, Director of Missions, and missional pastor in mind.
  • Chaplain - This track is designed by Chaplains and taught by a combination of experienced educators and Chaplains. It includes specialist seminars that meets the unique needs of Chaplains who mininister in hospital, hospice, confinement, counseling, collegiate, or parish ministry.
  • Korean Bilingual - designed mainly for Korean ministers living in the U.S. The Korean Bilingual Cohort is essentially identical with  the Ministry Leadership Cohort (see below). The Korean program has the following distinctive elements: (1) Regular DMin faculty are joined by leading Korean-speaking practitioners in seminars. (2) The ministry project report may be submitted in either English or Korean. A 25- to 30-page long synopsis in English must accompany project reports submitted in Korean.
  • Ministry Leadership - provides men and women in all kinds of vocational ministry an opportunity to integrate theology, theories, skills, and personhood in the practice of ministry excellence.
  • Youth Ministry - designed for leaders involved in Youth Ministry. Beyond examining leadership as it applies to youth ministry, leaders will tackle some of the most challenging issues young people are navigating.