Master of Theology (ThM)


The Master of Theology is a two-year program requiring completion of 28 credit hours of seminary work (after the Master of Divinity) including a thesis.

The ThM is offered to enable students of above-average ability to continue academic research beyond the MDiv (or its equivalent). The program prepares students for specialized types of ministries or for additional graduate study.

The ThM program is designed to:
  • Allow students to pursue in-depth study in an area of special interest or concern (ThM seminars are listed as 4000-level courses)
  • Guide students in sharpening study and research skills
  • Refine student ability to engage in comprehensive study, analyze, synthesize and integrate findings, and communicate conclusions in an acceptable manner.


  • Submit completed ThM application and fee.
  • Submit a brief statement of rationale for graduate study.
  • Hold a BA (or equivalent degree) from an accredited college or university, and an MDiv (or equivalent degree) from an accredited institution that meets Golden Gate Seminary's requirements in Hebrew and Greek.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average in previous academic work that indicates a capacity for graduate work. (Normally no GPA below a 3.0).
  • Prepare and submit a paper that demonstrates their research and writing capabilities.
Note: The Academic Graduate Studies Committee may request an interview; individual departments of study may have additional requirements.

Fields of Study

The ThM places emphasis upon academic study and research in the following primary fields:
  • Biblical Studies
  • Historical/Theological Studies

Degree Requirements

Research Methods Seminar 2
Primary Field of Study 12-15
Electives 3-6
Thesis 8
Total 28

Graduate Seminar Format

The ThM program is designed as a two-year program, but students may take up to three seminars per semester.

Seminar week is held one week prior to the beginning of the semester. Seminar week consists of class time, corporate worship, and plenary sessions, which allow visiting scholars, GGBTS faculty, and other experts to dialogue with each other and students.

Upcoming Seminars

Required Courses

Course Title Course # Hours
ThM Seminars
Thesis P4111 8
Research Methods P4141 2

Biblical Studies
Old Testament Studies S4100 3
Old Testament Theology S4111 or L4212 3
Old Testament History S4112 or L4113 3
New Testament Studies S4300 3
Pauline Theology S4315 or L4213 3
Theology of the Synoptic Gospels S4319 or L4214 3
The Search for the Historical Jesus S4361 3
Hermeneutics S4511 3

Historical Studies L4100 3
The Early Church L4110 3
The Lutheran Reformation L4111 3
Old Testament History L4113 or S4112 3
The Radical Reformation L4115 3
Historiography L4141 3
Theological Studies L4200 3
Old Testament Theology L4212 or S4111 3
Pauline Theology L4213 or S4315 3
Theology of the Synoptic Gospels L4214 or S4319 3
Contemporary Theology L4241 3
Theology of Christian Leadership: A Case Study Approach L4246 3
The Theology of the Christian Mission I4213 3

For more details, see the current catalog.

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