Doctor of Philosophy

Program of Study
The PhD is the highest academic research degree, intended primarily to equip persons for vocations of teaching and research in theological schools, colleges and universities, or for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice. The program design focuses on 1) seminars, 2) research and 3) writing. Seminars are discussion-based andfaculty-led, allowing for faculty to direct students into the appropriate seminar subjects. Students are required to do advanced research, first under the supervision of PhD faculty, then on their own. As they progress through the program, they become professionals in their fields. This is demonstrated primarily by the ability to research, write and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Entrance Requirements
Applicants not currently enrolled in GGBTS must apply for admission to the Seminary. Current students must only complete the application process for admission to the PhD program. Applicants who complete the application process by February 1st will be given first consideration. Other applicants will be considered up until April 15th. Application forms and individual guidance are available from the Seminary admissions office and/or Academic Graduate Studies Program office. Entrance requirements include:

   • Demonstrated Christian character
   • A bachelors degree and a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited   
   • Completion of 16 graduate semester hours of Greek and Hebrew, at least nine in either   
      Hebrew or Greek (though not necessary before applying)
   • One modern research language (usually German or French) is required before entering 
      into the program (though not necessary before applying) 
   • GPA no lower than 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
   • A sample research paper that demonstrates research capability
   • Acceptable GRE score
   • Rationale for PhD study (typewritten)

Length of Time Allowed
Normally two years seminar work; two years dissertation. Only with granted permission will students be allowed to exceed six years of study.

Fields of study
   • Majors: Biblical studies (Old Testament & New Testament)
   • Minors: theology & church history 

Degree requirements
1. Seminar Credit Hours
   • Research foundations (8 hours)
   • Core Methodology, Major, and Minor seminars (24 hours)
   • Teaching adults (2 hours)
   • Dissertation (8 hours) 

2. Two Research Languages, normally German and French (including the one required prior to entrance to the program)

3. Professional Competency: Teaching in Higher Education

4. Examinations:
   • Research Language Examinations
   • Doctoral Qualifying Examinations
   • Dissertation Defense Examinations

Seminar & course format
A one-week seminar is held prior to the beginning of each semester. Courses are taught in an intensive three-day format once each month during the semester.

Housing is available for full-time (defined as 15 credit-hours or more per year) PhD students. For more information contact the Admissions Office

Financial Information
Consult the GGBTS website for current pricing.

Gary Arbino, PhD
Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology
Curator: Marion Eakins Archaeological Collection

David Dockery, PhD 
President, Union University
Professor of Christian Studies

Rodrick Durst, PhD
Professor of Historical Theology

George Guthrie, PhD 
Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible
Union University

David M. Howard, PhD
Professor of Old Testament
Bethel Seminary

Dwight Honeycutt, ThD
Carleton Professor of Church History

Mike Kuykendall, PhD
Professor of Biblical Studies 

Michael Martin, PhD
Professor of New Testament
Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Richard R. Melick, Jr. PhD
Professor of New Testament
Director of Academic Graduate Studies

John Sailhamer, PhD
Professor of Old Testament

John Shouse, PhD
Professor of Christian Theology

Timothy Wiarda, PhD
Professor of New Testament

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