Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL)


The primary purpose of the MAEL degree is to equip students to become competent leaders in the educational ministries of churches, para-church organizations, and denominational agencies.

Certain courses must be taken at the Northern or Southern California campuses.

The degree is designed to provide preparation for the following occupational roles:
  • Christian Education Minister
  • Family Ministries
  • Adult Ministries
  • Collegiate Ministries
  • Student Ministries
  • Middle Childhood Ministries
  • Early Childhood Ministries
  • Church Preschool Administrator
  • Pastor of Ministries
  • Minister of Discipleship
  • Minister to Small Groups
  • Singles Minister
  • Campus Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Executive Pastor/Administrator
  • Women's Ministries
  • Minister of Equipping

Required Courses

Course Title Course # Hours
Leadership Discernment
Leadership Practicum I* P1121 2
Leadership Practicum II* P1122 2

Biblical Foundations
Old Testament Introduction I S1112 3
Old Testament Introduction II S1113 3
New Testament Introduction I S1312 3
New Testament Introduction II S1313 3

Theological Foundations
Christian Theology I L1211 3
Christian Theology II L1212 3
History of the Baptists or Survey of Christianity II L1113/L1112 2/3

Educational Leadership Skills
Foundations for Educational Leadership E1111 3
Life Span Development E1112 3
Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching E1113 3
Ministry Leadership E1312 3
The Educational Ministry of the Church E1412 3
Public Speaking for Christian Educators or Introduction to Preaching/Communication E1211/P1411 3

General Electives
Select from the following courses to complete 49 hours:
Basic Evangelism I1311 2
Worship and Music in the Faith Community P1916 3
Introduction to Missions I1211 3
Counseling for Church Leaders or Christian Counseling E1114/P1512 3
Hours to graduate 49

*must be taken consecutively

For more details about the curriculum, see the current catalog.

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